Neal Asher – Rise of the Jain

So as a general rule I don't read incomplete trilogies, so imagine my great dismay when I belatedly realised I had started this one! The first in the series is called The Soldier but I am already on to The Warship. I should admit, my tastes in fiction tend to drift from one topic to… Continue reading Neal Asher – Rise of the Jain

Two burdastyle finished items

I recently finished two items out of the burdastyle magazine. You can see them on the burdastyle community website: White top - Crepe de chine from Gratacos, Barcelona. Purchase made last year. Mulberry Grey Jacquard Jersey Sporty Midi Skirt - Jacquard from Bloomsbury Fabric, purchased earlier this year. I can't wait to try my skirt… Continue reading Two burdastyle finished items