Two burdastyle finished items

I recently finished two items out of the burdastyle magazine. You can see them on the burdastyle community website:

White top – Crepe de chine from Gratacos, Barcelona. Purchase made last year.

Mulberry Grey Jacquard Jersey Sporty Midi Skirt – Jacquard from Bloomsbury Fabric, purchased earlier this year.

I can’t wait to try my skirt on when the weather improves marginally. It is still a bit too cool for me in the mornings.

I saw the latest edition of Burdastyle on the magazine rack today but it didn’t really grab me this month. Admittedly I was in a bit of a rush so perhaps that will change. I actually really like Burdastyle magazines and find them much better than the UK equivalents because generally there is something in there I would like to try my hand to and I find it is incredible value for money.

My only gripe is that I do find the instructions to sometimes be a bit cryptic, but I suspect that has more to do with me being a newbie. I like the step by step they’ve brought in and I should do a few of those to get used to the ‘lingo’. Having also read german editions I am convinced it has little to do with the translation and more the receiver (i.e me!)

What the top and skirt creation has shown me though is that I really need to figure out how to grade adequately through sizes – the difference between bust/waist down to hip is too high for most one pieces unless the material stretches. Challenge for another time!

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