Neal Asher – Rise of the Jain

So as a general rule I don’t read incomplete trilogies, so imagine my great dismay when I belatedly realised I had started this one! The first in the series is called The Soldier but I am already on to The Warship.

I should admit, my tastes in fiction tend to drift from one topic to another. I went through a phase in my early years of only reading fantasy. Then dystopias. Then a few flecks of hard sci-fi, before doing a complete 360 and reading paranormal romance! All this whilst also developing my own personal library of fiction written by authors of colour. More on that another time. Currently I am into a bit of hard sci-fi.

Coming back to the point, Neal Asher’s series has sated the huge gap left by Iain M Bank’s Culture series. There are AIs! Space battles! Drones! Biomech! Uncertain motives and wildly different aliens! The exclamation points are all valid….

Somehow Neal Asher manages to keep your interest whilst progressing you towards the storylines conclusion. You’re never quite sure how it will end. I do get impatient sometimes but I genuinely enjoy the effort that has gone into shaping this story. You can tell that some of the descriptions of aliens, drones and altered humans is influenced by things here on Earth, but I like how there are twists to those in this context.

I haven’t quite finished this one yet, but it is going as strongly as the first one in this series and as well as the others that I have read. I particularly enjoyed his Transformation series but then I have a weak spot for cool AIs & Penny Royal meets that requirement in spades.

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