Slice of Passionfruit Drizzle Cake

Passionfruit Drizzle Cake

Having recently had 3 passionfruits gamely waiting for consumption in my fridge, I thought it would be nice to include them in a cake. This made me think back on our wedding cake in Kenya where we had a passionfruit filling between the layers which was very tasty.

As we are limiting our dairy intake I decided against the many fantastic looking recipes calling for double cream etc in the icing and went instead for this recipe from Waitrose. I have to say the recipe was quick and straightforward.

The coconut milk made the cake quite moist and with the extra eggs it is a pleasing yellow sponge. The addition of the passionfruit & lime juice mixture across the top gives it a pleasing tang against the otherwise sweet sponge. My only feeling is that it would need possibly twice the amount of passionfruit to really get a bit deeper into the sponge, or alternatively, a quick passionfruit curd in the middle.

Nonetheless, this has made a lovely cake for coffee time at 4pm, and despite the fantastic temperatures we are experiencing here in SE London right now it still works. Definitely one to try again, with the necessary tweaks.

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