Update on plan

So when I wrote in June I didn’t imagine it would be mid-August when I would next write an update. My friend and I did go on our fabric shopping trip and we had far more fun than we probably should have had poking around the fabric warehouse she had found the Walthamstow area.

The warehouse itself has limited parking but in terms of good offers there is definitely something to be found there. I think I would go back just to eye up what is available. I think in total I spent about £60 across 3 stores including the warehouse. Most of the fabric I bought was about 3-5 metres, so not small amounts.

In the meantime I have been breaking into my stash a little bit, specifically this beautiful fabric I bought at Gratacos in Barcelona, Spain in 2018. To be quite honest it has been an absolute nightmare to work with and in many respects it is my own fault for trying to use a fabric that perhaps wasn’t quite suited to the pattern. It is a simple wrap skirt from Burdastyle 02/2019 4A. The fabric was just a bit too see-through for my liking so I thought I had better put a lining on it. I didn’t want it loose around my legs so decided to sew it in. Mistake! Now I need to unpick it at the back because despite my best efforts it has become hooked at the top. And I am definitely not unpicking the waistband.

Anyway I can forgive my own sins here and just enjoy the outcome of it. I’ll post some pictures when I’m done on my burdastyle profile and on insta. In progress is below:


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